Globally, Amsterdam has the largest density of denim brands. Dutch brands such as G-Star RAW, Denham, KOI and Scotch & Soda are well-known all over the world. Brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein have their head offices in Amsterdam. This means there is a continuous demand for denim talent in the Netherlands or Dutch talent in the rest of the world.

In 2012, the doors of the first and only Jean School in the world opened in Amsterdam. An education during which young, creative and driven people will learn the craftsmanship of denim design and development. This education literally provides them with job opportunities all over the world.

The Jean School is an initiative of James Veenhoff (former director and initiator of the Amsterdam Fashion Week) and Mariette Hoitink (owner HTNK Fashion recruitment & consultancy). In 2009, Veenhoff and Hoitink started the foundation House of Denim, a platform for craftsmanship and innovation in the denim industry. In order to be innovative, education is a crucial element but a jeans-education appeared to be unavailable anywhere in the world.

For that reason, the ROC Amsterdam was approached to start a pilot for a proper denim education. In cooperation with a number of leading jeans brands and other experts from the industry, research was conducted on the knowledge that was needed and what the curriculum for the education should be.

In addition to the Dutch education, the Jean School in cooperation with House of Denim, recently started a one-year English-speaking education that is especially developed for foreign students and Dutch students with a HAVO-diploma or who have a propaedeutic certificate.



Because of the cooperation with high-quality weaving mills, laundries and manufacturers you will always be informed about innovation in the jeans industry.


The Jean School believes in ‘a brighter blue’. Due to the knowledge of process and technique it is possible to produce in a more sustainable manner. Sustainability plays a role in everything you learn.


The history of jeans goes back to the ninetieth century. At the Jean School you learn about the history and about the true denim-classics. In Denim City we have access to an archive in which historical pieces of jeans can be studied and researched.


In order to understand the requirements a good denim design must meet, you need knowledge of the production process. We therefore start with the basics. In the first year you will immediately learn how to operate the sewing machine, so you will make your first own jeans in a short amount of time.


At the Jean School you are trained to be able to work at design and production departments of denim weaving mills, denim laundries, denim manufacturers, denim brands and retailers.


The person who wants to be trained at the Jean School will start to work with brands and professionals from the denim industry, will visit the Amsterdam Denim Days that take place every year in April, will cooperate with the international –invitation only– fabrics exhibition Kingpins Show and will experience the Global Denim Awards that are presented every year in Amsterdam. For the latter, you may even be one of the future participants.

In addition, Amsterdam has its own Denim City: the first denim-innovation campus located in De Hallen in Amsterdam where knowledge, innovation and professionals from the denim branch come together. A place where the Jean School also is part of. Here you will get lessons in the Blue Lab and denim atelier and it is the location where the Jean School International Course is given.

Because of the guest lectures and projects with professionals from the denim industry you, as a student, are always informed about the latest developments, innovations and durable solutions within the professional field.

When you complete the Jean School, you will receive a general diploma ‘Fashion design, junior stylist’ (MBO level 4) and you will be specialised in denim.



Jean School International Course is an initiative of ROC Amsterdam, House of Denim, in cooperation with large., international players from the denim & fashion industry. Jean School International Course is located in Denim City. A unique, innovative campus in De Hallen in Amsterdam-West that also offers accommodation to the Blue lab, a laundry and the denim-archive.

The international, one-year education is intended for everyone who wants to specialise in denim. You will be trained to become a denim developer or designer in one year. The education focuses on the technical and practice-oriented elements of the profession. Within a year you will know how to transform a design into a sellable product: from drawing patterns to the different knotting techniques for denim. During this year you will learn how jeans are woven and washed and you will get practical lessons in Denim City in De Hallen in Amsterdam. You will also get lessons and assignments from professionals who are working for reputable denim brands.

The education emphasis on craftsmanship and durability within all steps of the process.